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Our Dog

We started the embroidery shop in 2003.  My wife and I have worked together for  many years before we started the shop. The decision to start the shop was a joint one.  We  wanted to do something that went along with our love the outdoors, hunting and the dogs that we love.
The Deutsch-Drahthaar is a solid, muscular dog with a hard water-resistant double coat. They have a noble head and good nose. Eyes are brown.
Drahthaars are loving and affectionate. They’re loyal and want to please. They love water,field and are friendly with children . They crave human attention and need to feel part of the family.
The dogs are easy to groom and usually live for 10-12 years.  They NEED exercise everyday.  Training is highly recommended.  These are hunting dogs and need to hunted.  If you do not hunt I would not recommend a dog like this.
If you’re thinking about a Deutsch-Drahthaar here are some places you might want to check out.